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How to Play

  • The leader draws a "fill-in-the-blank" card
  • Each player selects their most hilarious "answer" card
  • None of the "answer" cards quite do it for you? Write your own!
  • Finally settle who is the funniest OF THEM ALL!
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Crack your friends up

with jokes and private heckling


Fill in the blank with @#$%&!

We'll never be as funny as you are. Enter your own punch line!

Zing friends and frenemies alike!

Need a break from reality? We're here to facilitate talking smack.

Game play that gets you

Whether you're in class, a cubicle or on the toilet, FigureOfSpeech is perfect for those few minutes of free time.

Challenge your friends

Mirror mirror on the wall, which of your friends is the funniest of all?

A mobile game for the dirty at heart

Friends don't let friends laugh alone

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